Do not use Do Not use Internet Explorer version 6 thru 11

Hello everyone, In case you haven’t heard there has been a security flaw exposed in Internet Explorer that makes you vulnerable to hackers. It appears to use the Adobe flash player pluggin. Adobe has released a fix for their part of the issue. Until Microsoft releases a patch it is recommended that everyone use either Chrome or Firefox browsers. Click on the link below for more details.


Urgent Virus Warning

CryptoLocker, a new and nasty piece of malicious software is infecting computers around the world – encrypting important files and demanding a ransom to unlock them. 

According to Sophos, the worldwide digital security company, it’s been hitting pretty hard for the past six weeks or so.

“It systematically hunts down every one of your personal files – documents, databases, spreadsheets, photos, videos and music collections – and encrypts them with military-grade encryption and only the crooks can open it,” said Chester Wisniewski, a senior security advisor at Sophos.

Even though it’s infected, your computer keeps working normally; you just can’t access any of your personal files. It’s scary, especially if you haven’t backed-up your data.

Cybercrime is evolving, as the bad guys get smarter and use newer technologies,” noted Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. “They’re always looking for new ways to steal your money.”

CyrptoLocker is different from other types of “ransomware” that have been around for many years now that freeze your computer and demand payment. They can usually be removed which restores access to your files and documents.

Not CryptoLocker – it encrypts your files. There’s only one decryption key and the bad guys have that on their server. Unless you pay the ransom – within three days, that key will be destroyed. And as the message from the extorters says” “After that, nobody and never will be able to restore files…”

The typical extortion payment is $300 USD or 300 EUR paid by Green Dot MoneyPak, or for the more tech savvy, two Bitcoins, currently worth about $400.

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Home Office PC Support

SBS is excited to announce we can offer 24 hour monitoring and maintenance for home PCs for $30 a month. This is a must for home business owners or anyone that relies on their home computer. You can now have your own IT department to complete standard support like Windows updates, disk defrags, keep your PC running fast and much more. When your PC “has to work” without fail our standard support can minimize or totally eliminate downtime. contact us at for more information.

Painless PC Maintenance

We are loving our new remote maintenance software. We can keep any PC up to date and do standard maintenance completely behind the scene. We also give you one single key access to a technician. We speed everything up and monitor anti-virus, firewall, Microsoft updates, etc.

If you want your own personal PC technician for a low monthly charge contact us at Just insert Painless PC Maintenance in the subject line.   

Is your computer safe???

A few days ago, Oracle released a Critical Patch Update (CPU) to all Oracle products, including Java. In Java alone, this patch will solve 51 vulnerability issues, 12 of those could be used by hackers to take full control of a PC.
Contact SBS Network Support to have updates like these automated so you don’t have to worry about it. Just email support@sbsnetworksupport and include “I need automated support” in the subject line

Finally a computer error you can use

Finally a computer error you can use

Microsoft figured out how to increase market share for frustrated users.

Tablet vs Laptop

Over the last 2 years I’ve been using both a tablet and a laptop for work.  Although the tablet does some things pretty well I find that when you really want to get something done a tablet takes longer in most cases.

I’ve talked to people with iPad’s and Google tablets. Most have gone way out of their way to try to convince me that the tablet is the way to go. 

I finally went out and bought a Samsung Windows 8 hybrid with an i5 processor, removable keyboard and a bunch of hard drive space and memory.  I loaded it with all the necessary software since it is a fully capable Windows machine. You know, I still grab my laptop when I leave for work.

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